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sâmbătă, 31 iulie 2010

YOFF-011 new one

We do it!
This time weather was nice and hot!
YO2BTW, YO2MGI and YO3JW start the adventure in YOFF-011
The road is just a joke. It is a realy off-road. It goes thru the ancient forest. Finaly at about 1400m high we find a clear place. Fastly, first, we set up antenna, next the transceiver and start!
It was a batery operation with about 50W only. After a few hour the computer fall first. No replace for his power so change the laptop!
The return was sad. We need to leave a marvelous place in middle of nature
All was possible by help of YO2BTW and his Jeep! Thanks!
If you like mountains picture look here

Will try again 12-13 august 2010! Hope weather will stay with us! to the team come also YO3JW

Sorry! All morning was raining. May in next future will try again!

YO2BTW and YO2MGI will try to go up in YOFF-011 Parcul National Retezat in 1st August 2010 as YP1WFF/m.
Watch DX Clusters!

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