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luni, 13 august 2018

O decizie a WWFF ?

Pe WWFF.CO a aparut un comentariu a lui M0YMA, Andrew, cel care a realizat programul Logsearch
Iata ce scrie(in traducere) 
Toti utilizatorii isi reamintesc ca accesul la WWFF Logsearch si Forumul WWFF este un privilegiu, nu un drept - iar echipa WWFF isi rezerva dreptul de a suspenda temporar accesul (sau de a interzice permanent) pe oricine al carui comportament ar putea aduce WWFF la disperare.Echipa WWFF a evitat în prealabil necesitatea de a publica Regulile Forumului, totuși (regretabil) acest lucru a devenit necesar.Prin urmare, accesând Forumul WWFF, sunteți de acord să respectați regulile de discuție.Acestea includ:
Nu trimiteți comentarii care conțin informații personale, de ex. adresele de domiciliu sau numerele de telefon.
Nu trimiteți comentarii care sunt ilegale, hărțuitoare, abuzive, amenințătoare, dăunătoare, obscene, profane, orientate sexual sau rasial ofensatoare.
Nu injurați și nu folosiți expresiii care ar putea jigni alți participanți la forum.
Nu faceți publicitate sau promovați produse sau servicii.
Nu spamați sau inundați forumul. Trimiteți un comentariu numai o singură dată.
Nu retrimiteți aceleași comentarii sau similare.
Păstrați comentariile dvs. relevante pentru subiectul discuției.

La cele de mai sus am trimis un comentariu:
Bună Andrew
 În cele din urmă, recunoașteți că în WWFF cineva are dreptul să suspende temporar (sau să interzică permanent) pe oricine și să aibă aceste instrumente.
Când s-a luat această decizie și cine a aprobat-o. Sau este o propunere si o decizie personala?
Este prima dată când văd aceste informații, dar știți că YOFF este deja interzis de mai mult de 6 luni de către cineva care are acces la aceste posibilități.
Pit  YO3JW

Mai jos textul in limba engleza 
Hi Andrew
Finally there you recognize that in WWFF someone have the right to temporarily suspend access (or permanently ban) anyone and have this tools.
When was taken this decision and who approval it. Or it is your personal proposal and decision?
It is the ever first time when I see this information, but you know that YOFF is already banned for more than 6 month by someone who have access to this possibilities
Pit  YO3JW

All users are reminded that access to WWFF Logsearch and the WWFF Forum is a privilege, not a right – and the WWFF Team reserve the right to temporarily suspend access (or permanently ban) anyone who’s conduct may bring WWFF into disrepute.
The WWFF Team have previously avoided the need for published Forum Rules, however (regretfully) this has become necessary.
Therefore, by accessing the WWFF Forum, you agree to abide by the discussion rules.
These include:
  • Do not submit comments that contain personal information e.g. home addresses or phone numbers.
  • Do not submit comments that are unlawful, harassing, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, profane, sexually orientated or racially offensive.
  • Do not swear or use language that could offend other forum participants.
  • Do not advertise or promote products or services.
  • Do not spam or flood the forum. Only submit a comment once.
  • Do not resubmit the same, or similar, comments.
  • Keep your comments relevant to the discussion topic. 

joi, 15 februarie 2018

Diploma YOFF 200, YOFF 1000 and more info!

Diploma GreenParty 2018 for activators, for hunters, for SWL

In 9th June 2018 - 10th June 2018 in GreenParty period you may earn the special award from Romania,: the " GreenParty 2018" Diploma.
Rules: Work at least 7 stations from 7 entities, states, provinces, territories, in different natural parks and nature protected area on at least 2 continents. The station with top worked countries will get a special award.
Requests must be received before 01.08.2018. Cost of the printed award is 5 Euro or 5 valid IRC's. Apply to Fenyo Stefan Pit, P.O. Box 19-43, RO-033210 Bucuresti 19, Romania
If you request that the award be sent by electronic means, there is NO COST for the pdf or .jpg document.
Apply with GCR by e-mail to: fenyo3jw(at)

Diploma YOFF 200 award

The YOFF is proud to announce the YOFF 200 award
For 10 from any FF area AND a minimum 200 QSO from DIFFERENT location, a Expert Class (W) diploma will be awarded. Also for each group of other 10 you can upgrade it!

You can get this award using Logsearch.
Select in WWFF.CO the box "activator" click on!
Look to box "references" and click on!
A new windows opens!
That table show your uploaded QSOs in each your references you had activate
Search for references with 200 or more QSOs
Copy each line and paste in a separate text file
Send your file with all lines 10, 20, aso, to

Also, if you spent more time in same reference, you can get the YOFF 1000 award if in your activation reach at least 1000 QSOs .
Here you need 7, 14, 21 aso in step of 7.
Follow same steps as before in Logsearch
Send list to same email address

MORE INFOS!                                     for any info:

For those who wish to continue with the certificates whose regulations and design are being made by me, you can send the applications directly to my address:
Now all will be under YOFF flag!
How can this be done? Simple!
When you are searching in Logsearch and you got confirmation for a certificate, before click again, note the name of certificate and number that appears on the confirmation ! Attach to the request. See picture below.

YOU MAY USE THE MAIN TABLE from Logsearch for your awards from YOFF
Just copy it with "print screen" and sent to me, YO3JW.
 I will prepare awards for you with info in "Main table"
For other you need to make some research in Logsearch for your QSOs
WRFF also can be asked via Use your call. Select year or delete for all time QSOs.
You will see all your QSOs with YOFF areas.
 Down, at end of list, you can sent request for this award

This table is OK for: (see below for rules) YOFF hunters, YOFF activators, ACCF hunters, ACFF activators, DXFF hunters, DXFF activators, Park to Park, AFCC, ANFF, EUFF, SAFF
All this award's design is made by me!

Next AWARDS will be under YOFF Flag

FF Hunter(all series)
YOFF hunters award start with 10 references, then 44, 88, 132 ...396, then 444 and from this point in step of 100: 544, 644, 744, aso with no limit!

FF Activator awards(all series)
YOFF activators award start with 11 references, then 22, 33, 44 ... aso in step of 11 activated references!

YOFF PtoP award start with 10 references, then 44, 88, 132 ...396, then 444 and from this point in step of 100: 544, 644, 744, aso with no limit! 
I take this one to YOFF after ON4VT change the design to own one. I use my design which is original design

need minimum 7 DXCC entities from Africa. Next in step by 7

Assigned the rights in favor of 4XFF / 4Z4DX
need minimum 7 DXCC entities from Europe Next in step by 7

Assigned the rights in favor of VEFF / VA3RJ
Assigned the rights in favor of VKFF / VK5PAS

need minimum 7 DXCC entities from South America. Next in step by 7

need minimum 7 different DXCC entities base from Antarctica. Next in step by 7

Need at least 44 entities, State of USA, Provinces & Territories from Canada & Australia, Russian federal districts 


luni, 5 februarie 2018


La inceputul anului 2018 a fost concretizata o nou conducere
Presedinte ON4VT             demisionat 15.03.2018 !!
Vice-presedinte DF6EX
Impreuna cu un colectiv format din: I5FLN, OK2PAY, ON5SWA, DL4MFM,

Se doreste ca sa se foloseasca cat mai mult ideea de: "Make nature yous shake!"
Acest logo se poate prelua de la