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joi, 23 iunie 2022

YO2BP si YO/YU1CA vor face un tur SOTA in Romania

 YO2BP si YO/YU1CA vor face un tur SOTA in Romania incepand din 23 iunie ac.  Programul este cel de mai jos;

Day1:  TIMISOARA.... Poiana Brasov (near the City Brasov). Here from, with the cable car we go to activate EC-011 (1802m). (8 points)

             After  activation we go down to the car - and after 58 Km- arrived to SINAIA City. Here - with an (other)  cable car, we go to activate the:

MC-222 (2103m) (10 points). Then go down- and with our car in 15 minuts ( =8Km) we can arrive to BUSTENI  City -to find a Cottage for sleep.

Day 2:  With the first cable car -in the morning- we will climb to BABELE station:(2238m) Here from...we will go to activate:

MC-009 (2498m) (10 points) then

 MC-217 (2480m) (10 points) and

 MC-006 (2505m) (10 points) Then we return  down to the  cottage for sleep.

 Day 3:  In the morning  we live  the BUCEGI Mountains, with our car...and in about 3 and 1/2 houers we can arrived to cabana CARNIC (1000m alt.) and parking  our car. In  about 3 and 1/2 hours - we can arrived to Cabana  GENTIANAt;- 1670m

alt. sleep ! The  next 2 days we will  used for  our  longer  trip: we  have to activate the last 5 summits: 

Day 4:

MC-010 (2485m) (10 points)   

MC-016 (2439m) (10 points) 

MC-005 (2509m) (10 points) 

MC-012 (2508m) (10 points) and 

MC-013 (2457m) (10 points)

                This will be  the  longest tour, but not so difficult, because the small difference between the peaks ! And finally in:

Day 5.  We  will go home, but... on  the way - we will to activate the last summit,

MC-013 (2457m) (10 points).  NOW  we  can  returning home.     We will go to 

   CARNIC (1000m alt.),we  will eat...and  then...going home to Timisoara (~175 Km !)

More INFO...later!...hi

Majoritatea acestor varfuri sunt si in zone YOFF vezi

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