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GreenParty 2023

Now is 11th edition of "GreenParty", with annual activity under the patronage of The Romanian Society of Radioamateurs (SRR).



The YOFF team of SRR (The Romanian Society of Radioamateurs) and other teams who accept rules,  invite all the radio amateurs to join us in GreenParty 2023
Purpose: to stimulate the ham operators to leave the house and involve in portable/outdoor operation related to the nature and ecology and to familiarize worldwide radio amateurs with protected natural areas.
Date: 10th June 2023 from 06.00 UTC to 11th June2023 05.59 UTC. Annual Saturday nearest 9th June
Mode: CW, PH(ssb), DG (FT8/FT4) in each mode segment of band
Call: “CQ GP”, "CQ 44" or “cq greenparty”
Bands: 3,5; 7; 14; 21; 28 MHz
Categories of participation:
- one operator or multiple operators (only one signal per band)
- mixed, CW, PH, DG
- multi-band or mono-band
- High power, Low power (100W out) and QRP (5W out)
- indoor and outdoor (with 1 or 2 activated references. In this case use 6 or 12 hours period for each reference ) stations
- by periods: 6 hours; 12 hours; - you can select it with out pause -  and full 24 hours;  .
  Examples of combination as:   LP DG 21 MHz 6H;    QRP SOMB-2 PH 24H;     HP MOMB CW 6H;   aso. 
The SWL are welcome too. They must to record both calls in QSO
Report exchange: RS(T) +( Number if you want! with computer's program.) You can work same station in CW, PH and DG mode, in same band, on their mode segment of band.
For "indoor" stations, it is recommended to transmit a serial number that starts with 001 and increases with each new QSO.
Number from outdoor station is fixed and is derived from reference code of protected natural area 
If you use a logging program to record QSOs, as an activator, we suggest you use the form "59 Fxxxx", where xxxx is the WWFF reference of the area where you are.
In any case, it is recommended to mention the WWFF reference on each QSO. 
QSO indoor - indoor = 1 point
QSO indoor - other = 10 points  (QSO outdoor - indoor = 10 points)
QSO outdoor – outdoor = 10 points

No multipliers.
The “indoor” stations which are permanent inside a natural protected area will count as a “outdoor” station and will send a control accordingly.
All entrants must operate within the limits of their chosen category when performing any activity that could affect their submitted score. Only the entrant’s call sign may be used to aid the entrant’s score.
Violation of amateur radio regulations or the rules of the GREENPARTY; disrespect of hamspirit; taking credit for excessive unverifiable QSOs; use of any non-amateur means of communication to SOLICIT, ARRANGE, or CONFIRM any contacts during or after the GREENPARTY will be deemed sufficient cause for disqualification.
ANY use by an entrant of any non-amateur means including, but not limited to, telephones, email, Internet, Instant Messenger, chat rooms, VoIP, or the use of DX cluster to SOLICIT, ARRANGE, or CONFIRM any contacts during the GREENPARTY is unsportsmanlike and the entry is subject to disqualification.
Entrants must not exceed the maximum output power specified by their license, or the power limit of their entry category, whichever is less, on any band. Power is measured at the final output connector of the transmitter.
All operation must take place from one operating site. Transmitters and receivers must be located within a 500-meter diameter circle or within the property limits of the station licensee, whichever is greater. All antennas must be physically connected by wires to the transmitters and receivers used by the entrant.
The entry location of a remote station is determined by the physical location of the transmitters, receivers, and antennas. A remote station must obey all station and category limitations.
The outdoor station will obey the specific rules of the natural protected area from which will operate (according to national laws and national WWFF rules).
Final score: sum of points from all bands
Logs in standard Cabrillo or ADIF format will be sent to:  
5 days after the “party”.
Logs emailed after the deadline may be ineligible for any awards.

Here is a sample of Cabrillo log that we expect:
Cabrillo header(preamble), template for minimum requirement
NAME: Oproescu Gheorghe

Cabrillo template for station in protected area, OUTDOOR, fields of QSO
                              --------info sent------- -------info rcvd--------
QSO: freq  mo    date    time  call         rst exch   call         rst exch    t

QSO: ***** ** yyyy-mm-dd nnnn ************* nnn ****** ************* nnn ****** n

QSO: 3799  PH 2012-06-16 0711 SP9YFF        59  F0675    RU1AA         59  001   0

QSO: 14046 CW 2012-06-16 0923
SP9YFF        599 F0675   SM3AAA/p      599 F3214  0

QSO: 21087 RY 2012-06-16 1020
SP9YFF        599 F0675   9A5XX         599 001    0

QSO: 28123 PS 2012-06-16 1356
SP9YFF        599 F0675   VK9XX         599 001    0

QSO: 14246 PH 2012-06-16 1433
SP9YFF        59  F0675   OZ2WFF        59  F0041  0  

Cabrillo template for “INDOOR” station, fields of QSO
QSO: freq  mo    date    time  call         rst exch   call         rst exch    t

QSO: ***** ** yyyy-mm-dd nnnn ************* nnn ****** ************* nnn ****** n

QSO: 3799  PH 2012-06-16 0711 YO4BKM        59  001    RU1AA         59  001    0

QSO: 14046 CW 2012-06-16 0923 YO4BKM        599 002    SM3AAA/p      599 F3214  0

QSO: 21087 RY 2012-06-16 1020 YO4BKM        599 003    9A5XX         599 001    0

QSO: 28123 PS 2012-06-16 1356 YO4BKM        599 004    VK6XX         599 001    0

QSO: 14246 PH 2012-06-16 1433 YO4BKM        59  005    OZ2WFF        59  F0041  0
Before sent out check with a text editor the Cabrillo files and be sure that is as above!

Last versions of UCXLOG have this GreenParty as possible to log.
Also you can use any other programs with serial and constant number
The FLE by DF3CB have now possibility to manage this contest too 
Failure to fill out the header correctly may result in your entry being placed in the wrong category or reclassified as a checklog.
We will announce the results will be in 30 days after the deadline as per above.
Organizer's decisions are final.

In 10th June 2023 - 11th June 2023 in GreenParty period you may earn the special award from Romania: the " GreenParty 2023" Diploma.
Rules: Work at least 5 stations, in natural parks and nature protected area . The station with top worked countries will get a special award.
Requests must be received before 01.08.2023. Cost of the printed award is 5 Euro
 Apply to Fenyo Stefan Pit, P.O. Box 19-43, RO-033210 Bucuresti 19, Romania. 
If you request that the award be sent by electronic means, there is NO COST for the pdf or .jpg document.
Apply by e-mail to: fenyo3jw(at)

All participants will receive an electronically certificate.
Top ranked stations will be awarded and / or get trophies (depending on sponsorship)
They will be sent out from their team to winners within 60 days of publication of the results.
It is intended that each national team to help with one trophy or more.
You can take one from list!

Trophies: By:  
                                             Outdoor ***** Indoor

High Power mixed all bands  
High Power cw all bands      
High Power phone all bands  -------***   

Low Power mixed all bands                           ****                                                                                               

Low Power cw all bands                    ***   ---------
Low Power phone all bands  ---------***   
Low Power digi all bands

QRP Power mixed all bands 
QRP Power cw all bands 
QRP Power phone all bands 
QRP Power digi all bands 

Also can be:

High Power mixed 3,5 MHz
High Power mixed 7 MHz    -----------***  
High Power mixed 14 MHz  -----------***  
High Power mixed 21 MHz
High Power mixed 28 MHz                   ***   

Low Power mixed 3,5 MHz
Low Power mixed 7 MHz
Low Power mixed 14 MHz
Low Power mixed 21 MHz
Low Power mixed 28 MHz                   ****    

QRP Power mixed 3,5 MHz           
QRP Power mixed 7 MHz
QRP Power mixed 14 MHz
QRP Power mixed 21 MHz
QRP Power mixed 28 MHz

High Power cw 3,5 MHz
High Power cw 7 MHz
High Power cw 14 MHz
High Power cw 21 MHz
High Power cw 28 MHz                *****     

Low Power cw 3,5 MHz
Low Power cw 7 MHz
Low Power cw 14 MHz
Low Power cw 21 MHz
Low Power cw 28 MHz                *****    

QRP Power cw 3,5 MHz      
QRP Power cw 7 MHz
QRP Power cw 14 MHz
QRP Power cw 21 MHz
QRP Power cw 28 MHz

High Power phone 3,5 MHz
High Power phone 7 MHz
High Power phone 14 MHz
High Power phone 21 MHz
High Power phone 28 MHz              *****   

Low Power phone 3,5 MHz
Low Power phone 7 MHz
Low Power phone 14 MHz
Low Power phone 21 MHz
Low Power phone 28 MHz              *****    

QRP Power phone 3,5 MHz        
QRP Power phone 7 MHz
QRP Power phone 14 MHz
QRP Power phone 21 MHz
QRP Power phone 28 MHz    

Low Power digi 3,5 MHz
Low Power digi 7 MHz
Low Power digi 14 MHz
Low Power digi 21 MHz
Low Power digi 28 MHz                   *****     

QRP Power digi 3,5 MHz    
QRP Power digi 7 MHz
QRP Power digi 14 MHz
QRP Power digi 21 MHz
QRP Power digi 28 MHz

SWL                                      -----------      ***