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marți, 27 septembrie 2016

SE MUTA....... la WWFF.CO

Majoritatea informatiilor sunt acum la 
Pentru a putea beneficia de facilitatile respective trebuie sa va inregistrati. 
Va asteptam alaturi de ceilalti participanti la activitatile WWFF

DACA AVETI nevoie de asistenta uitati-va la
sau pe email la

After what seems like forever, the migration of Logsearch onto the main site has commenced.  The progress is reported on a separate Migration Status page.
To use the new Logsearch, you will need to be registered on this site, and logged in!  Your user details on the old Logsearch will not work on this site!

All data (other than user account information) has been migrated to the new site.  Your existing logsearch login-information will not be valid on the new site!
To use the new Logsearch, you need to be registered and logged-in on the new site… and National Coordinators will be granted their privileges in due course, so there will be some delay in setting up users!

Known Issues

  • There are some layout issues…
  • Apply for Awards is not enabled, while new user IDs are associated with existing awards!  Users will be enabled individually for this feature (please bear with us!)
  • Assigning user privileges is still a manual function
Deci va trebui sa va re-inregistrati la noua structura pentru a avea acces la unee facilitati(diplome!)