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vineri, 28 iunie 2019

Diploma aniversara a colegilor din Bulgaria cu prilejul a 10 de activitate LZFF


This award is issued by LZFFC about  10 years of the first activaton of the Bulgarian Protected Zone.
This happened on 23/24 May 2009. LZFF-001 and LZFF-008  were activated from LZ1ZF / 1.
The award will be issued to all licensed radio amateurs and listeners from around the world.
Hunters / listeners are required to establish / listen QSOs with
different references to LZFF throughout the entire 2019 (01.01-31.12.2019) as follows:
1. For European stations - 10 references
2. For DX stations - 2 references
Valid QSO - only uploaded on WWFF.CO.
Send your request until 31.01.2020! Please write in QSO the working reference.  Request format - txt, doc, xls, docx.
Awards will be sent to all activators having 3 read activation in the period between 23.05.2009 and  31.12.2019. You can see the list of these after selecting  the LZFF program.
Awards will also be awarded to those activators who have at least one activation during the period  01.01.2018 - 31.12.2019.
The awards will be issued free of charge as a high-resolution JPG file for print purposes to your E-MAIL.
Please send your applications to manager LZ2OQ by E-MAIL:
Please all activators to send your current E-MAIL address to the
It is foreseen in July 2019. increased activity of LZFF activators.

  Chairman of LZFFC - LZ2JR              Award manager - LZ2OQ

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