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joi, 10 iunie 2010

Update on YP1WFF in YOFF-021

News Update Now, 30th June all is history.
We want express our thanks to:
-all the crew members of "Mircesti" and "Mehedinti" ships;
We was QRV from
LH ROM-007 23.06.2010/1434 UTC till 24.06.2010/0347 UTC
LH ROM-020 28.06.2010/1451 UTC till 28.06.2010/1721 UTC
LH ROM-008 28.06.2010/1741 UTC till 28.06.2010/2034 UTC
LH ROM-018 29.06.2010/0139 UTC till 29.06.2010/0400 UTC

On our last trip on Sulina arm, we arrived in Sulina (The city) where we activated LH ROM 020, 008 and 018.
In the following days we'll post more picture and comments.

our luggage!

Just arrived back from Periprava. Many QSO with YO and other. Tomorow (28th June)will be last arm of Danube to Sulina. Afternoon as /mm and next day morning again as /mm. Will try to activate several LH from Sulina city. Watch DX cluster!

At 1030 UTC we left Tulcea area for Chilia arm to Periprava as /mm

In the evening, we increased length of wire antenna. Now we can tune it in 80m.
This morning ( 25th of June) we experienced heavy rain. Water is still falling from the sky....

23rd of June 2010 13:50: YP1WFF/mm QRV 10.107 CW (30m). We activated Light House ROM-007 from 13.30 UTC untill 24th June 0400 UTC. After that, we have to go onboard and get back to Tulcea. In this time we use also YP1WFF/mm. The two way trip ticket was on Sf. Gheorghe arm of Danube in Danube Delta.
Tomorow we will be again QRV as /mm on Chilia arm.

All activities is done in YOFF-021 "The Biosphere Reserve of Danube Delta"

YP1WFF again!

A group of hams will activate again YOFF-021 (23-29th of June 2010)!
But this time, they will use YP1WFF/MM because the Expedition will be on boat. After travel on each of Danube'S Arms they will also try to activate local light houses, so be alert on DX Clusters!

The expedition will use FT847, fishing rods support for antennas, small amplifier.
More info and discussion board HERE, ON YO HAM FORUM.
To find more about Danube Delta, the second biggest European river delta, we recommend to visit this page.

This expedition is possible due to the kind support from:


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